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A house moves through the town of Steinbach-Hallenberg (Part 1)
The state-approved resort town Steinbach-Hallenberg celebrated its 775th anniversary in 2003. A contemporary witness is the Corkscrew Workshop, built in the 19th century. In this smithy the generations of the Recknagel family devoted themselves to the manufacturing of their patented corkscrews since 1871.

By the sacrificial work of the family the workshop soon advanced to a prime example for small ironmongery trade rich in tradition in the south Thuringian town. The corkscrews have been demanding collector's items down to the present day. When the owner Ernst Recknagel died in 1988 and did not leave any successors, the Corkscrew Workshop was closed down. The planned conversion of this historical monument to corkscrew manufacturing into a museum, however, could not be realized at its former place.

Therefore, the council members of Steinbach-Hallenberg decided to find a worthy retirement for their historical sight in the heart of the town. For the road transport that was necessary to move the building, they engaged a specialist in such technical masterly performances: the Bennert Company. The relocation of the Corkscrew Workshop, financed by the European Union, the State of Thuringia and local sponsors took place during a folk festival.