Mechanische Werkstätte
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For a new experience of wine.
A house moves through the town of Steinbach-Hallenberg (Part 2)
The Bennert-crew uncovered the old foundation and replaced it in sections with a portable grate made of reinforced concrete. They embedded four double-T-girders in this foundation that was only built for the relocation. The exterior walls were stabilized by a timber corset which was fixed with threaded poles. They placed extra strip foundations along the long sides of the building and set up eight hydraulic presses on their surfaces.

The Corkscrew Workshop was lifted up by these presses to a height level of 2.43 m, so four shift modules could be driven under the building. It was moved through the town of Steinbach-Hallenberg on these modules, steered by a control unit, accompanied by music bands and under the curious eyes of thousands of people. A 1.2 km-long distance had to be managed. The journey took four hours, but the workshop finally arrived at its new destination.

The Bennert-crew precisely set the smithy down on its new site while the spectators were cheering. During the following two years, the Corkscrew Workshop was restored and it finally opened as a museum in the Heimathof Museum in 2006. Visitors can get information about the history of the smithy there - as well as on this movie.